*** Update 7-27-08 (Wed Fishing Report) ***

July 28, 2008

Happy to announce that things are back to normal. Good weather, water, and fishing. This weekend has been really nice.

Reports of all types of fish being caught.

Lake level is 712.40 (6.4′ up) and dropping.

With the water continuing to fall the lake area looks a whole lot different. You can see rip rap, use parking lots and walk to the marinas. We are not seeing any drift on the lake at all, and best of all we are seeing alot of fish come in. We saw  more better quality fish come in last weekend than we have all season. The cleaning station looked like it does during the spawn season. The water clarity is the best it has been all season so I would look for the fishing to remain as is for a good while.
                                LAKE LEVEL:          714.5
                                WATER TEMP:        83 deg.
                                WATER CLARITY:  Clear to a light stain. 
BASS: Last night in the Hawg Fights Doug and Ozzie Wallace found a bunch of fish ( they had a little problem finding their boat) but they still managed to win with 12.53 lbs. Second went to Jack Hockett and Clint Rayburn with 11.63 lbs. Third went to Marty Watson and Doug Long with 9.77 lbs. Fourth by one hundredth was Larry Wright with 7.27 lbs. Big bass went to John Pollit and Howard Love with 4.57 lbs. The patterns were pretty well all the same but the baits changed with the anglers. Willows on the points in 4′ to 8′ of water was the best bite. Either main lake or secondary didn’t seem to matter. The baits went from jigs to big worms to  skirted grubs. The top water bite started about 8 o’clock.
CRAPPIE: I would really hate to guess how many limits of crappie we saw come in last weekend. I talked to several anglers that said they didn’t keep anything under 11″, now that’s some good crappie fishing. We weighed one limit of 15 fish and it went 15 lbs. Minnows were by far the best bait. It was hard to pick a pattern because the fish are all over. There are fish in the willows in 8′ to 10′ of water about 7′ down. There was also a good bite on the bluffs in 30+’ with the fish holding in the 16′ to 18′ range. The T 6 area along with the Osage seems to be the hottest areas.
WHITES & HYBRIDS: Last night the guys said they saw surface activity. It seems that the shad are finally starting to get in their little pods over the humps and the whites seem to be following. With the lake getting down to a lower level and the COE running water I think this will be the week that they really get going. I would check all the usual haunts. There were some fish caught off of G 4 last weekend.
CATFISH: Jugs and trot lines are still producing catfish. With the water temp still warming you have to check lines more often so you don’t loose fish. Cut shad and hot dogs were the best baits this week. Dick Caton was fishing with Truman and I think Truman ate all his little smokies this week. Lines set on the flats in 10′ to 12′ of water at about 6′ has been taking fish. You want deeper water close by.
That’s it for this week from Sterett Creek Marina
Till next week